Five Children (K-drama) First Impression

Cute, funny, and “child abuse” are the three things that popped up in my mind during the first 5 minutes. I then proceeded to cry after the initial narration. I could relate to Sang-tae’s family situation. Sang-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) is a widower and a single father of two children. His calm temperament is very similar to mine and even his parent (Jang Yong and Park Hye-sook) reminded me of my own parent.

I slowly warmed up to Ahn Mi-Jung (So Yu-jin) by the end of the episode. She is a divorced mom with three children. Her ex-husband left her for one of her friends. I think her story line is very relatable to a lot of women struggling as a single mother and divorcee. By the end of the episode, I am already hoping the best for the two lead characters and their children.

I like almost everyone so far, even Sang-tae’s in-laws played by Choi Jung-woo and Song Ok-suk. The in-laws were so irritating in the episode, which may feel exaggerated or overdone, but I think that was the intention.

I couldn’t stand Sang-tae’s brother Kim Sang-Min (Sung Hoon), but I think he has the most potential for growth. To put it lightly, he is a struggling film director… All right, he’s a free-loader, but at least he has a dream. I like the dynamic between him and the youngest sister, Lee Yeon-tae (Shin Hye-sun.)

Sang-tae’s sister-in-law, Jang Jin-Joo (Im Soo-hyang,) is the male version of Kim Sang-min, but without a dream and more spoiled.

Overall, it is a very enjoyable first episode. I don’t know if I can continue watching this because of my short attention span. If you enjoy a light family show, this may be the drama to watch at the dinner table.


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