Random #1

I have been busy setting up my mini sweet potatoes garden, so I haven’t been watching much. Although, the real reasons for skipping dramas would be watching BTS Rookie King and F5ing on True Martial World.
I am not a gardener, but I am trying to get into it. My parents are avid gardener, but it has never been something I enjoy. I only reap the harvest. This year, I am growing sweet potatoes.
This is partly inspired by The Martian. My parent grows a lot of oriental herbs
and vegetable, specifically chili peppers and tomatoes, so I know that potato plants belong to the nightshade family. The stems and leaves have solanine, a toxic substance. Remember the myth that “green potato chips can kill you?” It’s partly true, but only if you eat a ton worth of it. To be on the safe side, I have decided to go with sweet potatoes, which is easy to grow and everything is safe for consumption. For the past two years, my parent have been growing a variety for the greens, but the tubers are underdeveloped. As for me, I am growing primarily for the tubers, but I am curious to taste the greens. Sweet potato greens stir-fry is one of my favorite vegetable dishes.
I am currently experimenting the best method to develop roots and slips. I have two varieties of sweet potatoes, Japanese and Okiwanan. Japanese sweet potato has a red-purplish skin and creamy white flesh. Okiwanan is smaller with ivory skin (like a regular Idaho potato) and white flesh tinged with purple arrays.
Here are my daily logs:
Day 1- 3/9/2016
A. Shade-Okiwanan-Hydroponic
B. Light-Okiwanan-Hydroponic
C. Light-Japanese-Hydroponic
D. Light-Japanese- Soil
E. Light-Okiwanan-Hydroponic
Day 2-3/10/2016: No Change
Day 3- 3/11/2016: No Change
Parent’ s garden:
Day 10?-
A. Chili Peppers
B. Opo/Long Squash
C. Luffa
D. Winter Melon/Fuzzy Squash
E. Bitter Melon